Looking to Sell

Are you in Pinellas or Hillsborough county and interested in selling?  Contact Bryan Waters to get this process started!

When selling your home, I place your real estate experience above all else.  My goal is to net you the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of problems.  

Here’s a good break down of my selling process

1 needs analysis

a Help clarify the motivating reason to sell

b Determine the seller’s time table

2 Pricing Strategy

a Determine the best selling price strategy given current market condition

b Show resulting net sheet

3 Property Preparation

a Advise on repairs and improvements

b Provide staging strategies

4 Marketing Strategy

a Develop marketing plan

b Establish marketing timetable

5 Receive an Offer

a Evaluate offers


6 Negotiating to Sell

a Negotiate counteroffers

b Advise on final terms and conditions

7 Sell

a Prepare postcontract work list

b Advise on repairs and vendor service

8 Preclose Preparation

a Coordinate and supervise document preparation

b Provide preclosing consulting

9 Closing

a Review closing document

b Resolve last minute items

c Complete transaction

10 Post Closing

a Assist move

b Assist with postclosing issues.

Looking to sell fast

Sometime situations happen where you need to sell your home or investment property fast.  Here at JB realty, we are always looking to buy as well as represent investors looking to buy. Therefore we can normally close quicker than a traditional closing. If you’re in a tough spot and need to sell fast, we can come up with a great solution or possibly buy your property in its “As Is” condition.

Looking for top dollar

Let one of our agents represent you in the sale of your home.  We can discuss ideas and improvement necessary that will produce a higher purchase price. Though this way normally takes longer to sell, we will advertise your property on the MLS and all the hot real estate listing websites like Zillow.com and Realtor.com.  We will produce a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to make sure our listing price will produce buyers!

We can make selling your home painless and easy. If you or someone you know are currently in the market to sell, then contact us and we will take you through our very simple and convenient process.